I was part of a group of 7 who stayed for 11 nights in one of the Executive Apartments at the Holiday Homes. On arrival, we were taken aback by how spacious, clean and modern the apartment was! It is also beautifully decorated, from the white tile floors to the wooden staircase and ceiling.

We spent ALOT of time in the BBQ area, where you have full use of the huge BBQ, right next to the swimming pool, perfect for those quiet drinks or an outdoor dinner on those hot, humid nights.

Terrence and his family were very friendly and hospitable throughout the stay here. The homes are great value for money. I highly recommend this place and will definitely be coming back here again!
Date of Posting: 24 October 2010
Posted By: Tania Pahulu
South Auckland, NZ.
7x of us have just returned back to COLD & BITTER NZ from a FANTASTIC holiday in SUNNY & TROPICAL SAMOA ... Our Holiday couldn’t have been the success that it was if we hadn’t stayed at Samoa Holiday Homes

When we met our hosts, our first impression was that we would be treated as “Family” ... And sure enough, we became “Family” in a matter of seconds ... The minute we settled into our rooms, we felt at home ... Their rooms are stunningly beautiful with subtle hints of Samoan architectural brilliance... The facilities available ie: Pool, BBQ Area are GREAT ... We definitely got value for our money booking here!!!

Executive Apartment 1: I wouldn’t recommend this to families with young children as it’s a 2x storey building (Unless you have no issues with children walking up staircases)... Apart from that, these apartments have everything a holiday home should have ... Fully equipped Kitchen with 6x of everything ... ie: Coffee Cups, Glasses, Plates, Bowls, Spoons, forks etc ... A large bathroom (Shower itself could fit 4x people comfortably) ... The 2x rooms are large with 2x double beds in each ... The mattress is like “memory foam” ... My first impression was that these beds will cause alot of sleepless nights ... Could I have been so wrong ... The beds were surprisingly comfortable

Villa 2: The Villa’s are really nice ... Very similar to the Apartments, but the major difference is that both rooms are on ground level (1x storey) ... and the kitchen is slightly larger (We’re talking cm’s as oppose to metres) ... The only issue I had with the Villa’s when compared with the Apartments was the size of the bathroom (I have a thing for bathrooms hahaha) ... But on the Brightside, the Villa’s have a carport for your “Rental”

Standard Homes: Didn’t book one of these, only because they didn’t have air con ... But I have been told that they will be demolished soon to make way for 8x NEW rooms ... But from what I saw, they’re quite nice

Proximity to Apia: I wouldn’t recommend walking from Samoa Holiday Homes to Apia ... The roads are not “pedestrian friendly” ... But should you drive, It’s about 10mins to Apia ... Taxi’s are extremely cheap in Samoa ... You could pay anywhere from $10 WST (Fugalei Markets, McDonalds) to $15 WST (Vbar, Paddles Restaurant, Aggie Greys Hotel) in Apia ... Hop-A-Cab (Phone #: 20060) is located near Ululoloa, so should you call for a Taxi, they will dispatch one quite quickly (5 to 10 minute wait) ... Should you be a regular caller, the dispatcher has great voice recognition skills and would normally stop you after “Samoa Holi ...” and say, “Is this you , taxi on its way” ...

BBQ Area: We used this area for our countless “drink-ups” ... Just ensure noise levels from 10pm are kept to a minimum out of respect for neighbours

Mobile Coverage: Our group all purchased Digicel SIM Cards after day 2 of our trip to avoid the high roaming charges ($20 WST) ... Digicel’s reception is “good”, but to get maximum coverage, its best to stand outside ... I dropped quite a few calls while indoors ... :(

Internet: Wireless internet is available at SHH via CSL Lava Hotspot ... You can purchase internet access from CSL in Apia (Opposite McDonalds) ... When at SHH, I was able to get a maximum speed of 56 mbps ... I paid $40 WST for 5 hours of internet access which is quite reasonable

My Final thoughts ... I have travelled to Samoa sooooo many times and have stayed at many hotels and resorts including Aggies, Sinalei, Le Lagoto and Tusitala just so that I can see Samoa from another angle (Plus, I’m quite picky where I stay) ... These places I must admit were great, but in my opinion over-priced ... Samoa Holiday Homes offers the luxuries of the Western World with touches of Samoan Hospitality ... To me, this place encapsulates the true spirit of what a holiday should be ... A holiday should be ...

“a place where your mind should be fixated on rest and recreation, NOT the final invoice on completion of your stay”

Thank you Su’a family for making this trip to Samoa a memorable one ... I will be sure to book with you again

Malo Lava
Date of Posting: 20 October 2010
Posted By: Liva Vaotuua
New Zealand
Anybody wanting affordable, yet wonderful accommodation then this is for you and your friends or family! I came over with some girlfriends for my cousins wedding and slept in the villas! They are really beautiful, clean, and you feel like your in your own secluded paradise. The car we drove was modern and comfortable, the pool and the fale Samoa was perfect for relaxing. I just loved it there and will be back to stay with terence and the family! Thanks again jess, Rotorua, Nz
Date of Posting: 20 October 2010
Posted By: Jess Brell

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